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Temporary Street Closure Application

  1. SHPD Patch Hi-Res
  2. Spring Hill Police Department
    3636-A Royal Park Blvd
    Spring Hill, TN 37174

  3. Temporary Street Closure Application

    The Spring Hill Police Dept must receive a completed application at least 10 days in advance
    of the scheduled date of closure (Municipal Code 16-304)

  4. A "temporary street closure" shall refer to a condition created by a special event or private gathering to be conducted within or on any street or intersection in the City of Spring Hill that requires all lanes of travel to be closed for public safety purposes. Any request for temporary street closure(s) is deemed a request for a special event and requires a special event permit. A temporary street closure authorized in whole or in part by the City for municipal purposes, including but not limited to, the conveyance of traffic or travel is exempt from this chapter. (Municipal Code 16-301)

  5. What is the date of the event?

  6. What are the beginning of the event and ending time of closure?

  7. (example: Buckner Ln between Duplex Rd and Stewart Campbell Pt)

  8. Applicant Information
  9. Please list activities and/or entertainment to be included at the event. (This application is not a waiver for the City's ordinance on sound amplification equipment, or the City's ordinance on noise as outlined in Title 11, Chapter).

  10. Please indicate the type of barricades or warning devices the applicant is planning on utilizing for the closure.

  11. Contact Information

    Please provide contact information for the person/organization responsible for collection/removal of all trash, garbage, and litter caused by or arising out of the event or road closure.(Municipal Code 16-305)

  12. Standards for Issuance of Permit
    1. The applicant has not knowingly — with intent to deceive — made any false, misleading, or fraudulent statements of material fact in the application for a permit or in any other document required.
    2. The time, duration, and size of the special event will not substantially disrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic or create a public nuisance.
    3. The event is of a size or nature that won't require the diversion of so great a number of public safety officers that would prevent normal public safety protection to the City.
    4. The concentration of persons will not unduly interfere with proper fire and police protection or emergency medical service to and from areas contiguous to the event.
    5. The event will not unduly interfere with the movement of firefighting equipment in transit to a fire or emergency 911 call.
    6. The event will not unduly interfere with the orderly operation of parks, hospitals, churches, schools, or other public or quasi-public institutions in the City.
    7. Half of the roadway's width for the entire length of the closure shall remain clear of objects (tables, BBQ grills, etc.) in order to accommodate public safety vehicles in the event of an emergency.
  13. Please print.

  14. Revised 12/16/2022

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