Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP)

Program Summary

Recognizing the need to address speeding traffic and related safety concerns within residential neighborhoods, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen adopted the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) in order to partner in helping neighborhoods devise creative and workable ways to enhance neighborhood safety and livability by implementing effective and cost efficient solutions relating to vehicular traffic in our residential areas.

Program Resources

Note: The NTCP applies to local, residential streets. Collector and arterial streets that are located in commercial zoning districts will not be considered for traffic calming.

Link: Spring Hill Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
Link: NTCP Project Request Procedure
Link: NTCP Petition Form

The NTCP is initiated by a request made to the City Administrator by a Home Owners Association or a Homeowner’s Group:
-Request must contain perceived problem and contact information for a representative that will serve as primary contact for the project.
-Representatives of 2 or more individual properties constitute a homeowner’s group.
Upon Receipt of written request, City Staff will review the request and define an effected area that will require a petition for concurrence for the request.

Note: Requester is responsible for conducting the petition

City Staff will work with the Neighbohood using the NTCP as guide for studying the issue, hosting a neighborhood meeting and determining the appropriate action that should be taken.