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Library Board of Trustees Application

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  2. LH Swish
  3. City of Spring Hill Library Board of Trustees Application

  4. The Spring Hill Library Board of Trustees meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every odd-numbered month at 6:00 p.m. Are you available to meet at this time?
  5. The term for this appointment is for three years or the remaining term of a vacated position. Are you able to commit to serving the full term?
  6. Are you able to consistently contribute additional time to committee meetings and library-related or board-hosted events?
  7. Are you a library card holder in good standing?

    Please list individuals who are qualified to comment on your capabilities.

  9. I certify that I understand the responsibilities of the Spring Hill Library Board of Trustees and wish to be considered for the position of Trustee.

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  12. CITYSEAL Edited 11.10.21
  13. Submit this form online or print and return this form to April Goad, City Recorder

    199 Town Center Parkway • Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174

    931-486-2252, ext 206

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