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May 18, 2022

Return to Seasonal Lawn Watering Plan

The City of Spring Hill has replenished its reserve water levels due to the actions we took last week, following the Mayor's seven-day emergency declaration. Reserves are sufficient to allow the City to turn irrigation meters back on.

Staff began the process last night and will continue working on this project throughout the day. We must keep ample reserves to fight potential multiple fires simultaneously and support other uses. The new water booster station will be online as early as July.

We now return to the regular, seasonal lawn watering schedule:

If the last numeral in a household’s address is ODD, watering is allowed on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
If the last numeral is EVEN, watering is allowed on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
No lawn watering on Fridays.

HOAs, commercial and retail developments with open space and landscaping managed collectively that do not have numerical addresses are based
on the first letter of the name of their subdivision or development:

A-M is on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday schedule.
N-Z is on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule.

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