Engineering Department Staff 2022

The Engineering Division administers the City of Spring Hill’s regulations through the Unified Development Code (UDC). The Engineering Department requires that infrastructure is designed and constructed using local, state and national standards. The Department continues to review and update its standards and specifications in order to ensure that all infrastructure in the City is of the highest quality. The below checklists and forms are for developers, engineers, and contractors to fast track feedback and reviews from the engineering department.

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The Civil Engineering Plans Review Checklist, Fire Code Checklist, and HEC Programs Review Checklist should be viewed before submitting construction documents to the engineering department. These checklists are the guidelines to the city’s standards and must be met before approval is granted.

The Field Change Request Form and Plan Revision Form should be utilized when there is a conflict, change, or revision that needs to be made to the approved construction documents. A Field Change Request is a minor change, and the Plan Revision Form is a modification to the approved construction documents that require in-depth review. All on-site modifications require approval and must be submitted with plan sheets stamped by a licensed engineer.

The Pre-Construction Conference Form and Shop Drawing Review Form are to be filled out, signed and sent to Brandon Salas before a pre-construction meeting can be scheduled.

The Utility Availability Letter provides steps to find all utility locations per a given parcel.