Spring Hill 2020 Pandemic Time Capsule

CALLING ALL AGES!  Help us fill our Spring Hill 2020 Pandemic Time Capsule (to be opened in 2120)!

We figure a year this strange should be documented. And buried. For 100 years. So we're burying a 3'x5' time capsule, filled with writings, pictures, mementos and other items that are important to Spring Hillians collectively, in 2020. This is meant to be a snapshot of the last 12 months: full of trends, memes, pop culture, food and fun. Things we missed out on and things we appreciate more now that we've had to batten down the hatches of our lives. Things we are NOT including are ones that relate to politics; we'll leave that to the history books. We will, however be including the Advertiser News to give a sample of what our collective life was like in relation to the larger world. Some other things we will be including are the Diary of a Pandemic Kid entries (these will also become a book next year) and letters to Santa (once he is finished with them). We will be including a history of Spring Hill and a history of the Library -- It's the Library's 45th anniversary, after all, and this is how we're celebrating it! 

What we want from you are suggestions of what we should put in it. Please fill out THIS FORM. If we select your suggestion, we'll contact you with what to do next. You can also fill out the form in the library. Just look for the time capsule. (Yep, it's here.)

Please, please, please do not bring in any items until you hear from us! You do not need to possess the item in order to suggest it (so long as we can locate one). Space is limited, as is the focus, so please don't be offended if we don't take your suggestion. Many are great ideas that will be perfect for a family time capsule buried in your back yard! 

Another thing you can do is tell us what you think life in Spring Hill will be like in the year 2120 (not 2021, but 100 years from now!). You can print THIS FORM and write IN PENCIL (our engineers tell us that graphite will last much longer than ink), or you can pick up an acid-free from from the library on top of the capsule.

Everyone is welcome to come to the library any time and sign the outside of the capsule. Then, everyone is invited to please join us on Wednesday, Dec 30th, and watch our engineers fill and seal the capsule, dig a giant hole near the library and bury it! Please stay tuned on details for that, as weather and Covid will dictate these things.

Thank you for all of the positive ways you've made this year special!