Virtual Programs for Week of June 22


magic mmessing

Magic Minutes!

 This video teaches “The Linking Paper Clips”. In order to do the trick, you need a dollar bill, two paper clips and a rubber band large enough to go around the middle of the dollar bill without squeezing it.


jui jitsu

Interested in Jui-Jitsu, but not sure where to begin? This video from Gracie Barra Spring Hill will introduce you to basic Jui-Jitsu techniques and fundamental movements for this form of martial arts. Grab a partner and get ready to play!

Dr. Joe recommends the book Discipline equals Freedom, The Field Manual byJocko Willink. Another great book written by Jocko Willink is Way of The Warrior Kid. You can check it out today:

Zoinks! Calling all Scooby-Doo fans! Head over to Amazon where you can discover hundreds of free Scooby-Doo e-books. They’ll be available for free through September 7th to celebrate the launch of the new Scooby! Movie.




The Hampstead Stage Company presents ... ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

When our video is available, it will be posted to their Vimeo profile as 

Alice in Wonderland Spring Hill Public Library 

You can only view it TUESDAY, JUNE 23, and with this password: SPRINGHILL23 

A guide for this show, along with many others for various shows/books, can be found on their Guides and Activities page. Link for Alice in Wonderland guides/activities -


Check out YouTube 101 - Session 4 - The Channel

In the latest YouTube 101 video, we learn how to upload and publish videos, how to title videos for key word searches, and more related to creating a successful YouTube channel.



Love How I Survived series? Author Lauren Tarshis reads 

How I Survived the Sinking of Titanic, chapter 1 & 2 

(and she reads the other chapters are read in subsequent videos)


Need some summer reading recommendations? Check out this free audiobook program running through July 29th!

shoeSomeone Else’s Shoes

Connecting with someone else’s experiences grows empathy and compassion. This week’s writing activity invites you to step into and feel what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. You can choose a family member, a neighbor, celebrity, or stranger. 

Here are a couple of short YouTube videos for inspiration

Explore different perspectives with these titles from the Spring Hill Public Library collection:

A Good Kind Of Trouble , An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the UNited States , I Love You So Mochi 


tim hodgeDraw with a Professional Animator (& Spring Hill resident!) Drawing Stories -Part 1 with Tim Hodge

Tim will help you create a story board, sequential art that tells a story. Tim worked on Disney features such as The Lion King, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Brother Bear, and directed episodes of VeggieTales. He freelances storyboards, illustrations, and teaches at Lipscomb University.

Photo collage 

A great way to capture a story or memory is with actual photographs from the event in a keepsake album. Follow the steps in the article below to create a beautiful photo album with simple design elements.

How to Scrap Book Like a Pro, Need some pointers on how to take excellent photos? Check out this great resource:The Art of Photography 


Why are butterflies and frogs so important?  Play Leaps and Flutters with Climate Kids to find out!

Explore the other-worldly sights of the Hang Son Doong, the largest cave known to mankind!

Make soft clay with only 2 ingredients and no cooking!