Virtual Programs for Week of June 15

Monday, June 15 - Magic & Movement


Magic Minutes #3: This is a performance of a close-up magic trick. 

gregA Walk in the Woods with Greg, The Hiking Guy

(Click on the title to access video) Take a walk in the woods with outdoor enthusiast "Greg, The Hiking Guy." In this video, Greg will help you navigate what is needed to hike safely including appropriate foot wear, what to pack in your back pack, first aid and local trails. It’s the perfect time of year to explore outdoors! Learn more about Greg and his hiking adventures here: Greg’s book recommendation: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson Brought to you by the Spring Hill Public Library, Spring Hill, TN 

Check out his book recommends: The Trail Runner’s Companion via the Spring Hill Library catalog and My Side of the Mountain on READS

Tuesday, June 16 - Magic Show &  more YouTube 101

Barry Mitchell Promo Graphic

Fire Up Your Imagination Show

Sam the Turtle & friends have a special show for the Spring Hill Public Library community. Sam created a world of magic and funny stuff. Hyena, the fire breathing chicken, will be there too. Mr. Barry will bring some fairy tale magic. Simply click HERE and enjoy the show.

YouTube 101 - The Edit - This is the 3rd video in our series by Jeremy Michael you will learn how to edit your footage to make it snappy and  exciting to watch. If you missed the other two sessions they are also on our YouTube channel: The What and The Shoot.  Coming up will be How to Create a YouTube Channel & Upload & Publish Your Videos. 

Wednesday, June 17- Writing Your Story


Elements of Poetry - click the middle picture

The password (case-sensitive) is: SHADOWCAMP2020

brain growth Opens in new windowGrowth Mindset Journal

Your brain is a muscle. When you learn your brain grows! Keeping a growth mindset journal provides an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, set future goals and dreams, and question attitudes and motivators. Check out this awesome guide to creating an easy to use and inspirational journal:

Want to read a little more? 

“Believe it” by Nick Foles

Thursday, June 18 - Illustrating Your Story

shadow puppet

Making Shadow Puppets - click the 3rd picture

The password (case-sensitive) is: SHADOWCAMP2020

collageMixed Media Collage

When illustrating a family story, mixed media collage is a special way to tie together different elements with glue and paint to preserve precious memories. Collect special scraps of your family’s history like a ticket stub to a baseball game, a piece of lace from grandmother’s wedding gown or photographs, and combine them to create a new image to capture the story being told. 

This article takes you through step by step mixed media collage techniques:

Here is an excellent tutorial video on mixed media collage and the best glues to use by Rosemary Lucket:

You can check these books out from the Spring Hill Public Library’s collection:

“Mixed Media Magic” 

“Imaginary Characters” 

Friday, June 19 - Community Stories

Introduction to Writing a Memoir

Carole Webb Moore-Slater is an educator and community speaker. She has written several books and has given numerous presentations in the community about her World War II memoir. She currently teaches The Art of Writing a Memoir in a four-week session at Spring Hill Library and other locations in the middle Tennessee. For further information about memoirs, please contact Carole at Recommended resource: "How to Write a Memoir that People Care About"