Virtual Programs for Week of June 8

Monday, June 8 - Magic & Movement

Magic Minutes #2: 

This video teaches the “Jumping Rubber Band” magic trick. In order for people to do it, they will need one rubber band. The rubber band needs to chosen based on the size of your hand. For children, a smaller rubber band will work much better than a larger one.

workoutTime to Work Out!!

Join Drew Massey director of Game Time Sports and Training for an athletically based performance enhancing workout that will help you excel at your given sport. Drew will guide you through exercises that focus on total body power, strength training, speed development, and more!

Tuesday, June 9 - Music & How to Be Successful on YouTube 

Jay Sands

10 am - All Around This World Music with Jay Sands - Join us on Facebook Live as Jay joins us virtually from his studio in Philadelphia!  

Jay is a guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad to 3 girls. He developed his music program as a way to introduce his girls to countries he’s visited and those on his bucket list. 

We’re so excited about him bringing to Spring Hill some unique and global music so we can celebrate cultures all over the world.

Youtube 101 - Part 2 - The Shoot

In the second installment of Youtube 101, we learn the basics of shooting video footage. From camera angles to lightening and sound, this video has got it covered!  

For more information about what tools you need and where to find them, here are two  great articles. Lighting: Sound: 

Wednesday, June 10 - Write for Fun and Family

Have fun with these Star Wars Mad Libs

May the Force be with you!

Now let’s do some Star Wars Yoga

writingFamily Folklore

Family stories are little treasures for generations to come. Writing the stories down to share is a simple way to preserve your family’s history. Explore the simple writing tips from the following article to empower and inspire you to put pen to paper. No one is more qualified to tell your family’s story than you.

Additional resources:

Check out this audiobook from READS: “Writing Radar” by Jack Gantos 

Hoopla ebook: “Write Your Story”

Thursday, June 11 - Bringing Stories to Life 

The Science Behind Shadow Puppetry & How Color Impacts Illustratations

The Science of Shadows  - An online workshop designed for kids ages 7-11. This workshop features approximately 30 minutes of content that combines shadow puppet skits, artist guidance, and simple at-home activities. 

The case-sensitive password is SHADOWCAMP2020

BW illustBlack and White Illustrations

Explore creative use of pencils and pens in these video tutorials that focus on shading, lines, and use of space with blacks, whites, and grays. These techniques help you to fine tune your drawing skills and express your imagination on paper!

Pencil Drawing Techniques

How to Shade

How to Ink

Additional resources from Hoopla: 

“6-Week Drawing Course:”

“Drawing Made Easy:”

Friday, June 12 - Capture Family History

How to Record Your Family’s Oral History

Learn how to record, edit, and upload family stories using a cell phone and apps. This video tutorial will walk you through each step of the process resulting in a little piece of history that will be archived and shared with family and friends. Grab your cell phone and collect those stories! 

Here’s a Interview Template!