Garbage & Recycling Pickup

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Weekly residential curbside pickup fee is $10.38 per month. Residents are responsible for purchasing 96 gal. (max) containers. The sanitation workers will only pickup garbage that is bagged or in garbage containers and will not pick up barrels or brush. They are restricted from picking up medical or chemical waste, paint cans, dead animals, furniture and appliances.You may have no more than 10 containers per residence and they should be placed out at the curb no later than 6 am on your scheduled day. Containers may be leased from Waste Management by calling (615) 831-9600 or (800) 607-9509.

Home Owner's Associations: Check with your HOA before purchasing a garbage container to see if there are any restrictions.

If your garbage is missed, please notify Waste Management at (615) 831-9600 as soon as possible.  A maximum of 10 containers per residence will be picked up. Garbage containers may be leased from Waste Management (615) 831-9600.