Key Proposals

Top City of Spring Hill Items for Consideration

BOMA meeting
The Spring Hill Board of Mayor & Aldermen (BOMA) meets in the City Hall Courtroom. Understand the top pieces of legislation going before the BOMA and Municipal Planning Commission by accessing the same supporting documents considered by these boards. Below are some of the key items currently being considered by City of Spring Hill officials.

If you do not see the item you're looking for in this list, please contact City Recorder April Goad to request the supporting documents.

- CIP Exhibit - Sewer System

- CIP Exhibit - Water System

- CIP Summary

- CIP Spreadsheet II

- Library CIP Handout

- Parks and Recreation CIP Handout

- SSA, IF, AFT Projections

- Spring Hill Place Branding Update Presentation to BOMA (10/7/19)
- Water Irrigation Meter Fee Increases (9/16/19)
- Cost of Sewer Service Study Report 2019 (9/4/19)
- U.S. 31 Signal Timing Optimization Study - Final Report (7/15/19)
- Buckner Road I-65 Interchange Future Transportation Improvements Presentation (6/17/19)
Presentation on Tax and Fee Revenue Options to Fund Capital Improvements (3/25/19)
- I-65 Interchange Alignment Presentation at TAC Meeting (3/18/19)

 - Major Thoroughfare Plan - Final Report, March 18, 2019
- Presentation to TAC on Federal BUILD Grant for I-65 Interchange Project - Dec. 17, 2018
- Revenue Package (Tax Increase) Budget Package Proposal-Public Presentation, June 12, 2018
- Proposed 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) FY2018-18 - FY2027-28

- Alexander Farm - 3/30/17 Memorandum on Rezoning
- Alexander Farm - Staff Memo on Rezoning Request for 775-acre property along I-65/Buckner Road
- Alexander Farm - Traffic Impact Study
- Alexander Farm - Phasing Plan (Updated 4/1/17)
- Alexander Farm - Sub-District Zoning (Updated 4/1/17)
- Alexander Farm - Zoning District Standards (Updated 3/15/17)
- Alexander Farm - Infrastructure Improvements By Phase for 2660 Buckner Ln (Updated 4/1/17)

- Rippavilla ownership conveyance to City of Spring Hill

Southern Springs 600-home active-adult community

Town Center (Downtown) / TN Children's Home Proposal - Flyover Video
Town Center (Downtown) / TN Children's Home PowerPoint Presentation
Town Center - TIF District / Industrial Development Board Overview
Town Center (Downtown) - Professional Services Agreements

Zoning & Subdivision Re-Write RFQ - Professional Team Response

Roadway Impact Fees - Base Calculation
Roadway Impact Fee Presentation
Roadway Impact Fee Ordinance
Roadway Impact Fee Schedule

Crossings Circle South Extension / Battlefield Preservation

Development Review Process Amendment (Optional Sketch Plat/Plan)

Fire Department vacation time calculation amendment

Distance limitations on Alternative Financial Institutions

Bicycle & Greenway Plan