Outdoor Warning Sirens

Spring Hill currently is served by nine outdoor warning systems. The City of Spring Hill currently has one siren pending installation near the Spring Hill TriStar Emergency Room. It is pending right-of-way acceptance by the City. Sirens serving Spring Hill currently include:

  1. Winchester Building, Maury Hill Street
  2. Spring Hill Middle School, Cleburne Road (outside city limits)
  3. Golfview Estates Subdivision
  4. Marvin Wright Elementary School, Derryberry Lane
  5. Longview Elementary, Commonwealth Drive
  6. Pickett's Ridge subdivision
  7. Chapman's Retreat Elementary, Secluded Lane
  8. Heritage Schools (outside city limits)
  9. Summit High School, Buckner Lane

It has been agreed upon by The City of Spring Hill and Williamson County that The Williamson Office of Public Safety will assist the City of Spring Hill with the activation of the sirens.

The sirens are meant to be heard outside and not necessarily inside. If you are indoors, please use other forms of notification.

*It is important to note that the outdoor warning sirens only sound in the event of a Tornado Warning. All other warnings are passed along to the community via the Nixle Notification System and the City of Spring Hill Website.


Spring Hill Sirens

  • Spring Hill-owned sirens are annotated with blue radius circles.
  • Williamson County-owned sirens are annotated with white radius circles.

The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested on a monthly basis.

These tests occur on the first Saturday of the month at noon.