Duplex Rd - SR 247 Widening Project Page

Project Summary

Duplex Road (SR-247) serves as a major East-West connector through the City of Spring Hill and provides access to numerous residential developments. To provide sufficient access to developments, improve safety, and improve traffic operations, The City of Spring Hill has partnered with T-DOT to widen Duplex Road with plans to provide one standard-width travel lane for each direction of travel and a center turn lane with sufficient shoulders. Vertical alignment issues should also be corrected as part of this improvement.

Duplex Rd Widening Rendering
Duplex Road / SR-247 Widening Artist Rendering

Project Documents

Link: Transportation Planning Report (TPR) | August 2006

Link: Duplex Road Preliminary Design (3 part document) | August 2013
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Link: Duplex Road Preliminary Design (1 document) | August 2013
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