Criminal Investigations Division

The Spring Hill Police Department Criminal Investigation Division investigates all types of crimes that occur in our city - from misdemeanor property crimes to major crime scenes.

The responsibilities of the detectives include:
  • Gathering of evidence
  • Latent print submissions
  • Evidence analysis
  • Interviewing
  • Execution of arrest warrants
  • Execution of search warrants
  • Courtroom presentation


The Criminal Investigation Division staff includes one lieutenant, three sergeants, three detectives, and four crime scene technicians, with two sergeants assigned to the Maury County Drug Task Force.The Criminal Investigation Division also has one sergeant assigned as the STOP Domestic Violence Initiative.

The Spring Hill Police Department Criminal Investigations Division has a working relationship with all law enforcement agencies in Maury and Williamson Counties, to include the state and federal levels.

Drug Task Force

The sergeants assigned to the Maury County Drug Task Force are supervised by the lieutenant of the Criminal Investigations Division and follow the guidelines set forth by the supervisor of the drug task force. The narcotic detectives investigate all narcotic-related matters throughout Maury County, including the municipality of Spring Hill within Williamson County.

Domestic Violence Initiative

The sergeant assigned to the STOP Domestic Violence initiative investigates matters relating to domestic related matters that occur in our jurisdiction. The detective’s responsibilities include interviewing victims of domestic violence and assisting the victims either by guidance or locating a domestic violence advocate and shelter.The sergeant also assists the victims during the prosecution of offenders.

Sex Offender Registry

The Criminal Investigations Division is a registering location for convicted sex offenders who live in the city limits of Spring Hill.Subjects are requested to call and make an appointment to ensure that personnel are available to complete the required registration. Access information concerning convicted sex offenders who reside in the City of Spring Hill.