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City of Spring Hill, Tennessee - est. 1809

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Christmas Parade
 santa.gif 9th Annual City of Spring Hill
Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 3, 2016
5:00 PM


 christmas tree.jpg

rain or shine
Parade Information:

2016 Parade Application will be available soon.

The following information is subject to change so please wait until the application is available with updated parade line up information.

Lineup will begin at 3:30 PM on Town Center Parkway
Judges will begin viewing floats at 4:30 PM and winners will be announced before the start.
The parade will begin at 5:00 PM.
The parade will travel down Main Street to Beechcroft Road and end at Evans Park.
The city float will have Santa Claus riding on it; no other floats or vehicles are permitted to have a Santa Claus.
All parade vehicles must enter the parade lineup area at the Line Up Entry Location on Beechcroft Road. See map for details.
There will be no line up numbers this year. As you arrive at the line up location, you will be instructed where to go. Decorated floats will be in one line, and all other groups will be in another. When the parade begins, someone will direct you when to fall in line.
No parade vehicles will be permitted to park in the line up area prior to 3:30PM. If you need to arrive earlier, you can stage at Evans Park and then proceed to the line-up area at 3:30PM.
You must be ready to go when the parade begins at 5:00 PM. Judges will review all floats at 4:30 PM, and trophies will be awarded just prior to the parade start.
Groups with large amounts of walkers, please keep all participants out of lanes of moving traffic as traffic will continue along Town Center Parkway during line-up times.
Once you reach Evans Park at the end of the parade, vehicles are permitted to continue on Beechcroft Road and not turn in the park; however you are not permitted to stop to unload people. If you have participants that need off at the park then the vehicle must turn into the park. All walking groups must enter the park.
Once you enter the park you must continue moving as far as possible.  The first vehicles should continue until they reach back to Main Street. Once the parade has passed, the police will re-open Main Street to vehicular traffic.
Marching bands will utilize the grass area at the UAW Union Hall for staging.
Drop Off & Pick Up Information
Groups with large numbers of participants being dropped off should utilize areas around the line-up location such as Home Depot, the UAW, City Hall, Post Office or the Library. Vehicles dropping off participants will not be allowed to enter the line-up area. As mentioned before, traffic will continue along Town Center Parkway during line-up times, but vehicles should not stop moving traffic to drop-off participants.
Groups with large numbers of participants needing picked up following the parade should use Maury Hill Street to access the Parade End Area. Once the parade reaches back to the park, no vehicles will be allowed to enter Toone Prados Street other than vehicles in the parade.
Please be advised that many side streets as well as Main Street will be closed prior and during the parade times. Plan ahead and get where you need to before the roads close.

Parade Map

Download Map

Parade Application

If you have questions or comments please contact the Spring Hill Parks and Recreation Department
Office Phone: 931-487-0027