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City of Spring Hill, Tennessee - est. 1809

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Appearing in Court
Appear at the Proper Court
Please examine your citation to ensure that you understand where and when to appear for court.  If you have been cited to the General Sessions Courts of Maury or Williamson Counties, you must appear at that location, not at the Spring Hill Municipal Court.  Class C misdemeanor traffic and City Ordinance violations that occur within the city limits are heard in the Spring Hill Municipal Court.  However, you may have been cited for a violation of law over which the City does not have jurisdiction, so check your citation to make sure you appear in the proper court.

If you are under the age of 18 and have been cited for a traffic violation that occurred within the City of Spring Hill, your matter will be heard in the Juvenile Court of either Maury or Williamson County, which have jurisdiction over all juvenile cases.  The Spring Hill Municipal Court does not currently hear juvenile cases.

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