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City of Spring Hill, Tennessee - est. 1809

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Business Tax License
The City of Spring Hill Municipal Code Sections 5-301 and 5-302 require businesses within the Spring Hill City limits to obtain a business license and pay an annual privilege tax which is governed by the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue. This business tax began in 1971 and is imposed upon all businesses that sell tangible personal property – either wholesale or retail – and some businesses that render services.

New Business Tax Changes effective January 1, 2014 - All currently licnesed businesses should read the 2014 Business Tax Changes.

Minimal Activity License
Businesses with gross income from $3,001 to $9,999 are required to obtain a minimal activity license.  Businesses requiring a minimal activity license are required to pay a $15 registration fee and $15 annually to renew this license.  No business taxes are due.

Standard Business Tax License
Businesses with gross income of $10,000 or more are required to obtain a standard business tax license.  Standard business tax licenses are renewed each year by paying business taxes for the previous tax period.

Building and Fire Codes Compliance
Prior to opening a new business, or changing a business location, contact the Spring Hill Building Codes Department and Spring Hill Fire Department to confirm that the location of the business meets any Spring Hill Building Codes and Fire Codes requirements.  Issuance of a Spring Hill Business Tax License does not permit operation unless properly zoned and/or in compliance with all other applicable state, county or city laws, rules and regulations.  Also, as required by Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1801 et seq., businesses must comply with all provisions of the Tennessee Non-Smoker Protection Act.

To obtain a Spring Hill standard business tax license or minimal activity license, complete a business tax license application and submit it, along with the registration fee of $15.00, to the Spring Hill Business Tax office located inside City Hall at 199 Town Center Parkway, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174.   

Your application may also be mailed to the Spring Hill Business Tax office at P.O. Box 789, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174.  

Home Based Businesses
If you are considering opening a home based business, please review the 
In-Home Business requirements from the Spring Hill Building Codes Department.

County Business Tax License
Businesses are also required to obtain a county business tax license or minimal activity license.  The City of Spring Hill is located in both Maury and Williamson Counties, so be sure to contact the appropriate county business tax office for the location of your business.

Renewal Payments
ALL business tax payments and renewals must be filed electronically with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.
First, register your business with the Dept. of Revenue for business taxes, and any other taxes that may apply to your business, at  After receiving your state business tax account number(s) from the Dept. of Revenue, you need to register for electronic filing at  This is how you will pay your business taxes each year to renew your business tax licenses.  You can also call (866)368-6374, (800) 342-1003 or (615)253-0704 during normal business hours to get individual assistance.  E-mail service is also available by sending an email to .  Once your business tax payment has been processed by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the Spring Hill Business Tax office and the county business tax office will be notified, and your new business tax licenses or minimal activity licenses will be issued.

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