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City of Spring Hill, Tennessee - est. 1809

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Meet the Chiefs

                         Don Brite                                JF web right new.jpg
                                  Don Brite                                                   Jason Fogle
                              Chief of Police                                          Deputy Chief of Police

Chief of Police
Don Brite is the Chief of Police of the Spring Hill Police Department. The Chief oversees all operations of the Police Department while reporting to the City administrator.

Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief Jason Fogle reports directly to the Chief of Police and supervises a staff of three Lieutenants who oversee the department's three divisions.

Commitment & Responsibility

Spring Hill Police Department is committed to protecting our community from criminal activities in order to provide a safe environment for our citizens to live in and to raise a family. By doing so, we strive to create a better quality of life for our residents and the visitors of Spring Hill.

This department recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its full potential without the support and input from the citizens of its community.

We encourage all citizens to partner with the Spring Hill Police Department by being proactive and taking preventative steps in effort to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.