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1. May I pay my citation without having to come to Court on my Court date?
2. How do I know if I am eligible for Traffic Safety School?
3. What is the advantage of attending Traffic Safety School?
4. Does the Spring Hill Municipal Court offer an online Traffic Safety School?
5. How many hours is the school?
6. How do I demonstrate compliance with the Traffic Safety School requirement so that the moving violation charged on my citation will be dismissed and will not count against me on my record?
7. I have a Commercial driver’s license. Am I eligible for Traffic Safety School?
8. I received a Citation for not showing the Officer proof of insurance at the time I was stopped. However, I was insured on that date … I just did not have my proof in the car with me. What do I do?
9. If my driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, where can I go to get it reinstated?
10. If a parking ticket was issued on my car, but another person was driving it that day, am I responsible for the parking ticket?