Emergency Communications

Dispatchers taking callsWelcome to the Spring Hill Emergency Communications Department. It is our department that you contact when you dial 911 for emergency assistance. We provide life-saving assistance and dispatch first responders (EMS, Fire, and Police) to your emergency. This service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

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Mission Statement

Spring Hill Emergency Communications, as public safety professionals, is comprised of employees dedicated to preserving the value of life of all citizens of, and visitors to, our diverse community. Our mission is four-fold.

1) To ensure the safety of the Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMS personnel and citizens by making diligence, speed, accuracy and professionalism a priority when gathering information and dispatching calls.
2) To greet those who call for assistance with courtesy and compassion, keeping in mind that they are often under stress and are completely unaware of what information we need from them, why we need it, and how busy we may be when they call.

3) To never forget that we represent the City of Spring Hill to the public. Their opinion of the city’s emergency services may hinge on how they are treated by our telecommunications officers.

4) To always remember that what may seem routine for emergency service professionals may be, to a citizen at that moment, an emergency.

Dispatcher station